Class Etiquette

1. Do your best to arrive on time. It helps you settle in and get ready. Plus, showing up late can disrupt the class if everyone has to move to accommodate you.


2. Minimize talking during class. An occasional joke is fun, but conversations and constant whispering is distracting to the other students. It also limits your awareness of what you're doing physically.


3. Please turn off cell phones and pagers. If there is an emergency, you can have it on vibrate next to your mat. Otherwise yours will most likely go off during the quietest part of class. For the most part, people are understanding since it happens to the best of us. But do your best to remember. It'll eventually become a habit.


4. Removing shoes before entering the classroom is a must. All sorts of germs and crud are on the bottom of our shoes and when practicing barefoot, we want to keep the floor as clean as possible.


5. As an extention to #4, please be mindful when walking around the room. Some people are very germ concious and would prefer if you step over their mats. If the teacher has you partnering up, it is considered common curtesy to ask if it's okay to use their mat.


6. Good hygiene is important, but strong perfumes or colognes can irritate other people's sensitivities. Besides, what we think smells good is purely subjective.


7. Some people are not naturally quiet, which is understandable. But do your best to prepare for your class mindful of other people trying to settle in and relax. Slamming your mat on the floor is considered the worst offense since it is so startling.


8. Please clean up your area after class. That includes putting up props, cleaning a borrowed mat with the provided mat spray, and wiping away any sweat droplets, or puddles.


Thanks for loving your neighboring yogis or tai chi students!