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Body Synergie is a premier wellness studio offering classes and healing therapies. We have proudly served the Rockwall area since 2005. We offer classes in meditation, several forms of yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, Pole Fitness, Aerial Hoops (Lyra), and also Aerial Silks. Private sessions for  parties or private lessons are also available upon request. Body Synergie also offers the healing practices of Rolfing and Craniosacral therapy for all ages that will  help you on your path to wellness. 

Our slogan is "Mind at Ease-Body in Motion".

Come join us and feel the synergy!


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Mind at ease

Body in motion

Relax. Restore. Revive

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What people are sayingabout us

Lori Pitchforth

"Since I made the commitment to take three to four classes a week, I have noticed the following: I can handle stress better, better weight management, sinus problems are gone, I have increased flexibility and more energy."

Marigold Lamb

 “I hope to practice t’ai chi for the rest of my life, it helps me relax, feel more centered and helps tone my aging body.”

Jan Self

"I wish I'd found yoga sooner, but particularly when you're talking about mental and physical fitness, it's never too late to start!"

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