Class Descriptions

To find out which style best suits you, try attending a few various classes. Some styles are better for a getting a good work-out, whereas some are better for being restorative or gentle. It's important to take into account your physical condition and goals of your yoga practice when deciding which style to pursue. The classes do not include Chanting or philosophy unless specifically stated in the description.

Restorative Yoga
This style of yoga is great for pain/stress relief, athletic performance and anyone looking for a well-rounded practice. Therapeutic Yoga combines Restorative Yoga (stretching using the support of props), strengthening the muscles in the body that can create pain due to weakness, breathing techniques, and other therapeutic modalities. Therapeutic Yoga is a core practice which helps you experience the ease which underlies other yoga practices. Open to all levels.


Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga is designed for students who prefer a class less vigorous than Beginners, but more active than Restorative. It is also ideal for students experiencing illness, injury, or chronic pain. 

For students new to yoga or those looking for a gentle class to reduce tension. Learn breath and body awareness, optimal posture and body mechanics. Focused on proper alignment, but at the same time giving you a well rounded class to benefit the whole body. This class promotes balance, flexibility, and stress release. Must be able to move from seated to standing


Slow Flow 

Experience fluid movement in a relaxed format open to all levels. Taking a slower practice encourages a full connection between mind, body, and breath, leading to calm awareness. Whether you are a regular practitioner looking for a more mindful practice or are new to yoga, you are welcome to this class.



For those that are interested in a slightly more demanding class than the beginners yoga. The pace might be faster, includes more options to deepen the postures and introduces more poses, but all are still suitable for a beginner level.


Mixed-Level Yoga
A moderate paced class with poses linked together. It includes basic technique and alignment cues while incorporating variations and longer sequences to challenge and inspire. 

It is our most sincere intention to be a home for our community where people of all ages, shapes, and sizes can receive the many benefits of yoga and tai chi. Whether you start this journey to enjoy better health, de-stress, create more ease in your life, build strength, increase flexibility, lose weight, gain energy, or find balance, all will come to you over time through the practice of yoga and tai chi.

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