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Body Synergie is a premier local, independently owned yoga studio created by Jonathan and Jessica Imburgia who met in Rockwall and immediately knew that they would work together combining their professions and interests. We had both been teaching in Rockwall years before opening the studio and are proud to have pioneered yoga and tai chi here. We decided to name the business Body Synergie because our focus is to bring the body into balance through various methods including Yoga, Tai Chi, Rolfing and Craniosacral Therapy as well as host workshops on topics covering nutrition and other healing modalities. We were the first studio in Rockwall and the only place to get quality yoga instruction in a supportive environment with all of the needed props. Our location is also the only place to get Rolfing east of Dallas.


We tailor our classes to those that are new to yoga and are looking to achieve health and wellness. You'll be taught how to do the postures correctly for your body in order to prevent injury and receive the most benefits. The studio's environment will also help you achieve health and wellness because the temperature is set around 75 degrees which is very comfortable and ideal for the body, there is an air filtration system that cleanses the air of 99% bacteria, mold spores, gases, etc and we use all natural cleaning products. Cubby holes are located in the studio, so you can always have an eye on your belongings and we also have lots of props to support and aid your body during class.

It is our most sincere intention to be a home for our community where people of all ages, shapes, and sizes can receive the many benefits of yoga and tai chi. Whether you start this journey to enjoy better health, de-stress, create more ease in your life, build strength, increase flexibility, lose weight, gain energy, or find balance, all will come to you over time through the practice of yoga and tai chi.

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Body Synergie

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